Thursday, December 17, 2009

So here's the deal.........

I have had one too many cups of tea tonight and I entered my bedroom with the laptop determined to have these stories up and ready to go by morning. It is now 12:58 am and I did it!!! After much prayer and consideration it seems the very best way to approach this for the time being is to use Chip In.

Do you see the little box to the right of this post?

That link will take you to PayPal. Donate ANY amount and then send an e-mail to telling us that the donation has been made. We will then send you an e-mail with the electronic book as an attachment. You can either read it from your computer or print it out. Your choice! We will also send you an invitation to a private blog where we will share details of each family as they proceed with their adoptions. You will be able to see how each penny is spent and witness the miracles for yourself. There are many ways to get e-books up and running and we may change the way we do this in the future. For the sake of time and the fact that this is called The Christmas Miracle Project and Christmas is in SEVEN days this seems the fastest way to get these stories to you. Our goal is to fund at least three adoptions. We know that God's vision is so much bigger than ours so we open ourselves up for endless miracles. Lets envision lots and lots of children snuggled safely in their bed with the love a family surrounding them........
No more hunger.
No more loneliness.
No more waiting.

Please help spread the word far and wide!
Be a part of the Miracle!

With Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail and blogs this will be easy. EASY! I love to break a big number down so it doesn't seem scary so here is how that looks....$90,000(scary)....that is the approximate cost of three adoptions. When we ask for a $10.00 donation that comes out to be 9000 people OR 900 people giving $100.00 each OR 90 people giving $1000.00 each. All of a sudden it's not so scary is it? I told you it's easy! When we see $90,000, we think we can't do it, we can't help, we can't make a difference. But when we see $10.00 we think..."I can do that." With less than some people spend at Starbucks in a week you can be part of changing the direction of a child's life.

 And not just one life but many lives.

Let's not wait around for a miracle, let's BE the miracle.

The stories are profoundly moving and I have cried through each one, including my own. I am honored that each family that shared in this was willing to invite us into their world so we could be inspired by them.
I think this is going to be the best Christmas EVER!
Thank you in advance for you kindness, your open heart and your generosity.
With Love

A little update since I wrote the above post in the middle of the night....
Update #1: Some of you may know one of us personally and want to be assured that your donation is going directly to us. We appreciate that but want you to know that Tonya, Sharlyn and myself are sisters of the heart. We are in this together and if the funds were raised over a period of several months then money would go where the need was most urgent at that moment. However....we fully expect to have all needed funds by Christmas Day so it won't really be of any concern. We will each have what we need and that will be the best Christmas EVER. We love your thoughtfulness around this but we consider all of these children as OURS.

Update #2: This may seem obvious but PLEASE do not donate and then share the book with others. Encourage them to make a donation of their own and be a part of the miracle. The idea is to have a group of people who make this happen TOGETHER by giving what they can. It is touching for others to be inspired by this project but that is not our goal. Our goal is that each person hears the call to take care of the orphans and gives whatever they can.  And of course do not share the private blog address with anyone. We probably don't need to mention this but it was brought up in conversation this morning and sometimes stating the obvious is important. I have three teenagers so I have to state the obvious on a regular basis :)

Update #3: You may be wondering if we have non-profit status and the answer is not yet. We welcome help with this and that is the ultimate goal. We have the name One Heart World filed with our County Courthouse and now it is time to dig out that "Non-Profit for Dummies" book! As stated earlier, if you donate you will be invited to the private blog and watch how funds are dispersed and see the adoption process as it unfolds.
Please know that EVERY SINGLE PENNY will go towards adoption expenses.

Update #4: Your payment confirmation may say Scott Stairs right now ...don't worry ... that IS us (Scott is my cutie husband). I have just gotten off the phone with PayPal and by the end of the weekend the confirmations should say that payment went to One Heart World.

Update #5: My internet did not work this morning and it was BEYOND frustrating. The one day that it matters most and it wasn't working for a solid four hours. However....the blessing was a very sweet and inspiring young mother. Her name is Audrey and she just 'happened' to be on the other end of the 800 number for my phone company. Over an hour later we had a good chunk of each others life story and I was reminded that there really are no accidents. Audrey offered to use Facebook to help spread the word.
She even know people that just adopted from China!

Update #6: Until I can get my older daughter to help me you will see a few random extra pages in the book. I will take care of that ASAP. In the meantime draw a picture on the blank pages!


  1. I'm very excited about this book Kim! I believe God is going to do great things with it! Love you!